4 Fishing Apps Every Fisherman Should Have

Ever wanted to tie your favorite fishing knot but simply forgot how it was done? Needed quick info on fishing patterns at your favorite location while heading out to hook the big one? Or just curious about identifying the finned creature your catch on your first few fishing outings? Take a look at these top iOS fishing apps, perfect for anglers of all skill levels!

The Top 4 Apps For Fishing

Animated Fishing Knots

Cinch Knot? Surgeon’s Knot? Palomar Knot? Do these sound mysterious and virtually impossible to tie? If so, worry no more with the handy Animated Fishing Knots app from John Sherry. Priced at the super affordable $0.99, this slick app boasts 31 of the best fishing knots, from basic to advanced ones. Not only does this guide go over each knot and how to tie it, but it offers a bonus of animated videos showing how to tie each step. This is great for visual anglers and those needing a step-by-step guide to tying the best knots for the biggest fish!

Field Guide to North American Fishes

One of the most frustrating things when first learning to fish is simply identifying each fish you have caught. Moving from “Look, a fish” to “Wow, that’s a nice yellow perch” takes practice and dedication. Taking the time to Google search each fish you’ve caught after a long day of fishing can be rather exhausting as well. Instead, consider the handy Audubon Fishes-A Field Guide to North American Fishes app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This slick app offers some quick reference illustrations for anglers looking to tell the different between a channel or flathead catfish, largemouth or smallmouth bass, and so on.

Orvis Fly Fishing App

Orvis is one of the most well-respected names in the fly fishing industry, and their app is a must-have! It’s basically a comprehensive guide to fly fishing, for both young and old anglers alike. At the time of this article, Orvis is offering a $10 Orvis Gift Card with each purchase of the app. Want to learn how to fly cast? Tie basic fishing knots? Check out local licenses and fishing regs? Review different fly’s? Listen to the Orvis podcast? Check reports on bigname fly fishing locations? Do all this and more with the Orvis Fly Fishing app! It’s on the more expensive side, coming in at $14.99, but it certainly offers more than your average fishing app!

Topo Maps

Hiking in to a remote fishing spot? You’ll want the awesome topographic maps featured in Topo Maps app for the iOS. Map downloads are free (although the app is not, at $7.99) and no network connection is required once the app has been installed. When gearing up for your next outdoor hiking and fishing trip, don’t forget to load Topo Maps and your favorite maps on it asap!

Other Fishing Accessories You Should Have

Fishing Sunglasses

If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun, getting a pair of sunglasses made for fishing can be a smart idea. You can damage your eyes if you stay under the sun for too long. The water has the ability to reflect sun, and that makes things even worse. Just get a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go!

Fish Finders

If you are fishing without a fish finder, then you are probably wasting your time. Fishfinders make everything a lot easier when it comes to locating a good fishing area. That’s why, I highly recommend you get one for yourself.

Rain Fishing Gear

This is also important, because some people prefer to go fishing while it’s raining, because it’s easier to catch fish. If you don’t have a proper fishing set, get one! They usually don’t cost much and are nice to have.

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