The Most Popular Blues Artists of All Time

The Most Popular Blues Artists of All Time

Blues is not just a popular genre of music, but it’s a feeling that has roots in the 1900s. It emerged as a popular style of music in the 1950s. Blues music has spread across America and played a significant role in the birth of rock n roll, jazz and a few other hybrid genres.

If you search about famous Blues artists, the list will be huge. If you are looking for the most popular Blues artists of all time, here are 6 Blues legends known for creating history with their extraordinary music for generations to come.

Robert Johnson 

Robert Johnson was an American singer, songwriter and musician popularly known as the granddaddy of Blues music. Robert Johnson’s musical skills and style of singing and performing have influenced many, and made him a legend of Delta-style Blues. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 5th on the list of the greatest guitarists of all time and his legacy is still being carried by his followers.

Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters ranks 2nd in our list of legendary Blues artists of all time. He was an American Blues singer-songwriter and musician known as the “Father of Modern Chicago Blues”. Muddy was an important musician in the post-war Blues scenario. He embraced amplified electric guitar and added percussion for Blues music. His songs like ‘Mannish boy’ or ‘Champaign and reefer’ have been covered by many. He was a pioneer in Blues-rock, the style that has been carried forward by many notable musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richards.

Lightning Hopkins

Lightning Hopkins ranks 3rd in our list of legendary Blues artists. Hopkins had a passion for music since his childhood, and it triggered when he met Blind Lemon Jefferson at a church picnic in Texas. Young Hopkins started playing with the legendary artist and it was the turning point of his musical career. Albums like The Roots of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Free Form Patterns, and Lightnin’ Hopkins Strums the Blues are jewels of that period.

Sonny Boy Williamson II

Sonny Boy Williamson II was an early influential Blues harp stylist, singer, songwriter and harmonica player who inspired millions of listeners with his unique harmonica playing. His name comes among the best Chicago Blues artists, and his songs like ‘nine below zero’, ‘bring it on home’, ‘Don’t start me talking’ and others became very popular in the genre.

Buddy Guy

Chicago Blues became a popular style of Blues across America in the 1950s, and Buddy Guy became a pioneer to introduce Chicago Blues across the region. Whenever you think of the living Blues legends, Buddy Guy will be the first man in the queue. His music style has inspired many musicians, including Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more.

B.B. King 

Popularly known as ‘The King of Blues’, B.B. King is one of the greatest American Blues artists of all time. He was a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer who introduced a sophisticated style of soloing based on shimmering vibrato and string bending. Riley B. King was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 1987 for being a legend of electric Blues, RNB, Blues rocks and soul music.

Grab a few CDs of these most popular Blues artists and enjoy some good time.

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